The library will consist of content created by teachers across the country. The more MyLessons is used, the more the library will grow. The library will also have content created by teachers who have been invited by MyLessons to create lessons based on selected themes.

My favorites

If you find material in the library that you are interested in, but do not have time to look closer at the moment you can choose to select to mark it as favorite material. When you later open the library again, you can choose to display only the materials you have favorited.

My recommendations

Other teachers at your school may choose to recommend materials to you. This material will be put in “My recommendations”. By choosing to view your recommendations, you see only the materials that other teachers have recommended for you. You can also recommend material from the library to your colleagues.

Find material easily

In the basic mode of search, type in free text and get up the lessons where the text you typed is in the lesson title or description. You can also make additional settings for the search, for example, you can search for materials tailored for different groups of students, such as students with dyslexia or visual impairment.