What is MyLessons?

MyLessons will be an interactive platform where you create and share digital educational materials. MyLessons will be launched in 2017 but you can already register your interest in getting a free 6 months trial.

Creating teaching materials

With MyLessons you and your students can easily create educational materials. Use the images and sounds that are included in MyLessons or add your own images and audio clips. You can also use teaching materials from MyLessons Library and adapt to the needs of your students.

  • Use images, sounds, text and links to video
  • Create quizzes where students answer with images, sounds, text or multiple choice questions
  • Customize font and content for different audiences

The Library

The library is MyLessons’s heart where you find content created by teachers from all over the country.

The library allows you to:

  • Search content tailored for different audiences (eg dyslexia, ADHD, students with visual impairment)
  • Find teaching materials that have received the highest ratings
  • Favorite tag content you want to return to later
  • Suggest to colleagues material that you believe they can benefit from

NOTE! You can edit all the images, texts, etc. in the material you download from the Library to adapt to your students’ needs.

Follow your students’ work

With MyLessons you can easily share educational materials with your students. You can sort students into classes and groups. For example, you can see an overview of all your students who receive extra support in mathematics and the material they share with the special teacher.

  • Follow each student’s work and development
  • Share educational materials with groups or classes
  • Send comments to students’ work
  • Provide instructions for each lesson

MyLessons is developed with support from the National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools.